Source code for swh.core.api.asynchronous

# Copyright (C) 2017-2020  The Software Heritage developers
# See the AUTHORS file at the top-level directory of this distribution
# License: GNU General Public License version 3, or any later version
# See top-level LICENSE file for more information

from collections import OrderedDict
import functools
import logging
from typing import Callable, Dict, List, Optional, Tuple, Type, Union

import aiohttp.web
from aiohttp_utils import Response, negotiation
from deprecated import deprecated
import multidict

from .serializers import (

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs] def encode_msgpack(data, **kwargs): return aiohttp.web.Response( body=msgpack_dumps(data), headers=multidict.MultiDict({"Content-Type": "application/x-msgpack"}), **kwargs, )
encode_data_server = Response
[docs] def render_msgpack(request, data, extra_encoders=None): return msgpack_dumps(data, extra_encoders=extra_encoders)
[docs] def render_json(request, data, extra_encoders=None): return json_dumps(data, extra_encoders=extra_encoders)
[docs] def decode_data(data, content_type, extra_decoders=None): """Decode data according to content type, eventually using some extra decoders.""" if not data: return {} if content_type == "application/x-msgpack": r = msgpack_loads(data, extra_decoders=extra_decoders) elif content_type == "application/json": r = json_loads(data, extra_decoders=extra_decoders) else: raise ValueError(f"Wrong content type `{content_type}` for API request") return r
[docs] async def decode_request(request, extra_decoders=None): """Decode asynchronously the request""" data = await return decode_data(data, request.content_type, extra_decoders=extra_decoders)
[docs] async def error_middleware(app, handler): async def middleware_handler(request): try: return await handler(request) except Exception as e: if isinstance(e, aiohttp.web.HTTPException): raise res = exception_to_dict(e) if isinstance(e, app.client_exception_classes): status = 400 else: logger.exception(e) status = 500 return encode_data_server(res, status=status) return middleware_handler
[docs] class RPCServerApp(aiohttp.web.Application): """For each endpoint of the given `backend_class`, tells app.route to call a function that decodes the request and sends it to the backend object provided by the factory. :param Any backend_class: The class of the backend, which will be analyzed to look for API endpoints. :param Optional[Callable[[], backend_class]] backend_factory: A function with no argument that returns an instance of `backend_class`. If unset, defaults to calling `backend_class` constructor directly. """ client_exception_classes: Tuple[Type[Exception], ...] = () """Exceptions that should be handled as a client error (eg. object not found, invalid argument)""" extra_type_encoders: List[Tuple[type, str, Callable]] = [] """Value of `extra_encoders` passed to `json_dumps` or `msgpack_dumps` to be able to serialize more object types.""" extra_type_decoders: Dict[str, Callable] = {} """Value of `extra_decoders` passed to `json_loads` or `msgpack_loads` to be able to deserialize more object types.""" def __init__( self, app_name: Optional[str] = None, backend_class: Optional[Callable] = None, backend_factory: Optional[Union[Callable, str]] = None, middlewares=(), **kwargs, ): nego_middleware = negotiation.negotiation_middleware( renderers=self._renderers(), force_rendering=True ) middlewares = ( nego_middleware, error_middleware, ) + middlewares super().__init__(middlewares=middlewares, **kwargs) # swh decorations starts here self.app_name = app_name if backend_class is None and backend_factory is not None: raise ValueError( "backend_factory should only be provided if backend_class is" ) self.backend_class = backend_class if backend_class is not None: backend_factory = backend_factory or backend_class for meth_name, meth in backend_class.__dict__.items(): if hasattr(meth, "_endpoint_path"): path = meth._endpoint_path http_method = meth._method path = path if path.startswith("/") else f"/{path}" self.router.add_route( http_method, path, self._endpoint(meth_name, meth, backend_factory), ) def _renderers(self): """Return an ordered list of renderers in order of increasing desirability (!) See mimetype.best_match() docstring """ return OrderedDict( [ ( "application/json", lambda request, data: render_json( request, data, extra_encoders=self.extra_type_encoders ), ), ( "application/x-msgpack", lambda request, data: render_msgpack( request, data, extra_encoders=self.extra_type_encoders ), ), ] ) def _endpoint(self, meth_name, meth, backend_factory): """Create endpoint out of the method `meth`.""" @functools.wraps(meth) # Copy signature and doc async def decorated_meth(request, *args, **kwargs): obj_meth = getattr(backend_factory(), meth_name) data = await kw = decode_data( data, request.content_type, extra_decoders=self.extra_type_decoders ) result = obj_meth(**kw) return encode_data_server(result) return decorated_meth
[docs] @deprecated(version="0.0.64", reason="Use the RPCServerApp instead") class SWHRemoteAPI(RPCServerApp): pass