Source code for swh.graphql.resolvers.content_data

from typing import Optional

from swh.graphql.server import get_config

from .base_node import BaseNode
from .content import BaseContentNode

[docs] class ContentDataNode(BaseNode): obj: BaseContentNode @property def url(self) -> str: content_sha1 = self.obj.hashes["sha1"] archive_url = "" return f"{archive_url}content/sha1:{content_sha1}/raw/" @property def raw(self) -> Optional[bytes]: # Return content data as a binary string if self.obj.length <= get_config().get("max_raw_content_size", 10000): content_sha1 = self.obj.hashes["sha1"] return self.archive.get_content_data(content_sha1=content_sha1) return None def _get_node_data(self): # No new data to fetch: everything is either available # or can be computed from the parent (self.obj) # raw data is fetched from a property to avoid pre-loading return {}