Source code for swh.graphql.resolvers.origin

# Copyright (C) 2022 The Software Heritage developers
# See the AUTHORS file at the top-level directory of this distribution
# License: GNU General Public License version 3, or any later version
# See top-level LICENSE file for more information

from swh.model.model import Origin
from import PagedResult

from .base_connection import BaseConnection, ConnectionData
from .base_node import BaseSWHNode
from .search import OriginSearchResultNode

[docs] class BaseOriginNode(BaseSWHNode): pass
[docs] class OriginNode(BaseOriginNode): """ Node resolver for an origin requested directly with its URL """ def _get_node_data(self): return self.archive.get_origin(self.kwargs.get("url"))
[docs] class TargetOriginNode(BaseOriginNode): """ Node resolver for an origin requested as a target """ obj: OriginSearchResultNode _can_be_null = True def _get_node_data(self): # The target origin URL is guaranteed to exist in the archive # Hence returning the origin object without any explicit check in the archive # This assumes that the search index and archive are in sync if self.obj.target_url: return Origin(self.obj.target_url) return None
[docs] class OriginConnection(BaseConnection): """ Connection resolver for the origins """ _node_class = BaseOriginNode def _get_connection_data(self) -> ConnectionData: # Use the search backend if a urlPattern is given if self.kwargs.get("urlPattern"): origins = query=self.kwargs["urlPattern"], after=self._get_after_arg(), first=self._get_first_arg(), ) results = [Origin(ori["url"]) for ori in origins.results] paged_result = PagedResult( results=results, next_page_token=origins.next_page_token ) else: # Use the archive backend by default paged_result = self.archive.get_origins( after=self._get_after_arg(), first=self._get_first_arg() ) return ConnectionData(paged_result=paged_result) def _get_index_cursor(self, index: int, node: BaseOriginNode): # Origin connection is using a different cursor, hence the override # No item cursor is provided in this case # FIXME: Return the right cursor when enabling index cursors return None