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# Copyright (C) 2022-2023 The Software Heritage developers
# See the AUTHORS file at the top-level directory of this distribution
# License: GNU General Public License version 3, or any later version
# See top-level LICENSE file for more information

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Dict, Optional, Union

from swh.graphql.errors import DataError
from swh.model.model import CoreSWHID
from swh.model.swhids import ObjectType as SwhidObjectType

from .base_node import BaseNode
from .snapshot_branch import BaseSnapshotBranchNode

[docs] class BaseTargetNode(BaseNode): # 'node' field in this object is resolved in the top level @property def swhid(self) -> Optional[CoreSWHID]: # field exposed in the schema # use the target type and hash to construct the SWHID mapping = { # to map models.ObjectId to swhids.ObjectId "snapshot": SwhidObjectType.SNAPSHOT, "revision": SwhidObjectType.REVISION, "release": SwhidObjectType.RELEASE, "directory": SwhidObjectType.DIRECTORY, "content": SwhidObjectType.CONTENT, } if self.target_hash and self.type: return CoreSWHID(object_type=mapping[self.type], object_id=self.target_hash) return None
[docs] class TargetNode(BaseTargetNode): """ Intermediate node between an object and its target Created for schema clarity and to handle missing target nodes in the archive """ if TYPE_CHECKING: # pragma: no cover from .directory_entry import BaseDirectoryEntryNode from .release import BaseReleaseNode from .revision import BaseRevisionNode obj: Union[BaseReleaseNode, BaseDirectoryEntryNode, BaseRevisionNode] _can_be_null = True def _get_node_data(self) -> Optional[Dict]: # No exta data to fetch; everything is available from self.obj if not self.obj.target_hash(): # No information to load the target, consider it as a None target return None return { # field exposed in the schema for some nodes "type": self.obj.target_type().value, # field NOT exposed in the schema # to be used while retrieving the node object "target_hash": self.obj.target_hash(), }
[docs] class BranchTargetNode(BaseTargetNode): # Return the final branch target and the chain obj: BaseSnapshotBranchNode def _get_node_data(self) -> Dict: target = resolve_chain = [] if self.obj.type == "alias" and target is not None: # resolve until the final target final_obj = self.archive.get_branch_by_name( snapshot_id=self.obj.snapshot_id, ) if final_obj is None: # This happens when the snapshot is missing raise DataError("Snapshot is missing on branches") resolve_chain = final_obj.aliases_followed target = return { # field exposed in the schema, return None instead of an empty list "resolveChain": resolve_chain, # field exposed in the schema "type": target.target_type.value if target else None, # field NOT exposed in the schema # to be used while retrieving the node object "target_hash": if target else None, }