Source code for swh.indexer.metadata_dictionary.cff

# Copyright (C) 2021-2022  The Software Heritage developers
# See the AUTHORS file at the top-level directory of this distribution
# License: GNU General Public License version 3, or any later version
# See top-level LICENSE file for more information

from typing import List
import urllib.parse

from rdflib import BNode, Graph, Literal, URIRef
import rdflib.term

from swh.indexer.codemeta import CROSSWALK_TABLE
from swh.indexer.namespaces import RDF, SCHEMA

from .base import SingleFileIntrinsicMapping, YamlMapping
from .utils import add_map

DOI = URIRef("")
SPDX = URIRef("")

[docs]class CffMapping(YamlMapping, SingleFileIntrinsicMapping): """Dedicated class for Citation (CITATION.cff) mapping and translation""" name = "cff" filename = b"CITATION.cff" mapping = CROSSWALK_TABLE["Citation File Format Core (CFF-Core) 1.0.2"] string_fields = ["keywords", "license", "abstract", "version", "doi"] date_fields = ["date-released"] uri_fields = ["repository-code"] def _translate_author(self, graph: Graph, author: dict) -> rdflib.term.Node: node: rdflib.term.Node if ( "orcid" in author and isinstance(author["orcid"], str) and urllib.parse.urlparse(author["orcid"]).netloc ): node = URIRef(author["orcid"]) else: node = BNode() graph.add((node, RDF.type, SCHEMA.Person)) if "affiliation" in author and isinstance(author["affiliation"], str): affiliation = BNode() graph.add((node, SCHEMA.affiliation, affiliation)) graph.add((affiliation, RDF.type, SCHEMA.Organization)) graph.add((affiliation,, Literal(author["affiliation"]))) if "family-names" in author and isinstance(author["family-names"], str): graph.add((node, SCHEMA.familyName, Literal(author["family-names"]))) if "given-names" in author and isinstance(author["given-names"], str): graph.add((node, SCHEMA.givenName, Literal(author["given-names"]))) return node
[docs] def translate_authors( self, graph: Graph, root: URIRef, authors: List[dict] ) -> None: add_map(graph, root,, self._translate_author, authors)
[docs] def normalize_doi(self, s: str) -> URIRef: if isinstance(s, str): return DOI + s
[docs] def normalize_license(self, s: str) -> URIRef: if isinstance(s, str): return SPDX + s