Source code for swh.indexer.metadata_dictionary.nuget

# Copyright (C) 2022  The Software Heritage developers
# See the AUTHORS file at the top-level directory of this distribution
# License: GNU General Public License version 3, or any later version
# See top-level LICENSE file for more information

import os.path
import re
from typing import Any, Dict

from rdflib import RDF, BNode, Graph, Literal, URIRef

from swh.indexer.codemeta import _DATA_DIR, read_crosstable
from swh.indexer.namespaces import SCHEMA

from .base import SingleFileIntrinsicMapping, XmlMapping
from .utils import add_list, add_url_if_valid

NUGET_TABLE_PATH = os.path.join(_DATA_DIR, "nuget.csv")

with open(NUGET_TABLE_PATH) as fd:
    (CODEMETA_TERMS, NUGET_TABLE) = read_crosstable(fd)

SPDX = URIRef("")

[docs] class NuGetMapping(XmlMapping, SingleFileIntrinsicMapping): """ dedicated class for NuGet (.nuspec) mapping and translation """ name = "nuget" filename = re.compile(rb".*\.nuspec") mapping = NUGET_TABLE["NuGet"] mapping["copyright"] = URIRef("") mapping["language"] = URIRef("") string_fields = [ "description", "version", "name", "tags", "license", "summary", "copyright", "language", ] uri_fields = ["projectUrl", "licenseUrl"] def _translate_dict(self, d: Dict[str, Any]) -> Dict[str, Any]: return super()._translate_dict(d.get("package", {}).get("metadata", {}))
[docs] def translate_repository(self, graph, root, v): if isinstance(v, dict) and isinstance(v["@url"], str): codemeta_key = URIRef(self.mapping["repository.url"]) add_url_if_valid(graph, root, codemeta_key, v["@url"])
[docs] def normalize_license(self, v): if isinstance(v, dict) and v["@type"] == "expression": license_string = v["#text"] if not bool(" with |\(|\)| and ", license_string, re.IGNORECASE) ): return [ SPDX + license_type.strip() for license_type in re.split( r" or ", license_string, flags=re.IGNORECASE ) ] else: return None
[docs] def translate_authors(self, graph: Graph, root, s): if isinstance(s, str): authors = [] for author_name in s.split(","): author_name = author_name.strip() author = BNode() graph.add((author, RDF.type, SCHEMA.Person)) graph.add((author,, Literal(author_name))) authors.append(author) add_list(graph, root,, authors)
[docs] def translate_releaseNotes(self, graph: Graph, root, s): if isinstance(s, str): graph.add((root, SCHEMA.releaseNotes, Literal(s)))
[docs] def normalize_tags(self, s): if isinstance(s, str): return [Literal(tag) for tag in s.split(" ")]