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# Copyright (C) 2020-2022  The Software Heritage developers
# See the AUTHORS file at the top-level directory of this distribution
# License: GNU General Public License version 3, or any later version
# See top-level LICENSE file for more information

"""Classes used internally by the in-memory idx-storage, and will be
used for the interface of the idx-storage in the near future."""

from __future__ import annotations

import json
from typing import Any, Dict, List, Optional, Tuple, Type, TypeVar

import attr
from typing_extensions import Final

from swh.model.model import Sha1Git, dictify

TSelf = TypeVar("TSelf")

[docs] @attr.s class BaseRow: UNIQUE_KEY_FIELDS: Tuple = ("id",) id = attr.ib(type=Any) indexer_configuration_id = attr.ib(type=Optional[int], default=None, kw_only=True) tool = attr.ib(type=Optional[Dict], default=None, kw_only=True) def __attrs_post_init__(self): if self.indexer_configuration_id is None and self.tool is None: raise TypeError("Either indexer_configuration_id or tool must be not None.") if self.indexer_configuration_id is not None and self.tool is not None: raise TypeError( "indexer_configuration_id and tool are mutually exclusive; " "only one may be not None." )
[docs] def anonymize(self: TSelf) -> Optional[TSelf]: # Needed to implement swh.journal.writer.ValueProtocol return None
[docs] def to_dict(self) -> Dict[str, Any]: """Wrapper of `attr.asdict` that can be overridden by subclasses that have special handling of some of the fields.""" d = dictify(attr.asdict(self, recurse=False)) if d["indexer_configuration_id"] is None: del d["indexer_configuration_id"] if d["tool"] is None: del d["tool"] return d
[docs] @classmethod def from_dict(cls: Type[TSelf], d) -> TSelf: return cls(**d)
[docs] def unique_key(self) -> Dict: if not self.tool: raise ValueError( f"Cannot compute unique_key of {self.__class__.__name__} with no tool " f"dictionary (indexer_configuration_id was given instead)" ) tool_dict = { "tool_name": self.tool["name"], "tool_version": self.tool["version"], "tool_configuration": json.dumps( self.tool["configuration"], sort_keys=True ), } return { **{key: getattr(self, key) for key in self.UNIQUE_KEY_FIELDS}, **tool_dict, }
[docs] @attr.s class ContentMimetypeRow(BaseRow): object_type: Final = "content_mimetype" id = attr.ib(type=Sha1Git) mimetype = attr.ib(type=str) encoding = attr.ib(type=str)
[docs] @attr.s class ContentLicenseRow(BaseRow): object_type: Final = "content_fossology_license" UNIQUE_KEY_FIELDS = ("id", "license") id = attr.ib(type=Sha1Git) license = attr.ib(type=str)
[docs] @attr.s class ContentMetadataRow(BaseRow): object_type: Final = "content_metadata" id = attr.ib(type=Sha1Git) metadata = attr.ib(type=Dict[str, Any])
[docs] @attr.s class DirectoryIntrinsicMetadataRow(BaseRow): object_type: Final = "directory_intrinsic_metadata" id = attr.ib(type=Sha1Git) metadata = attr.ib(type=Dict[str, Any]) mappings = attr.ib(type=List[str])
[docs] @attr.s class OriginIntrinsicMetadataRow(BaseRow): object_type: Final = "origin_intrinsic_metadata" id = attr.ib(type=str) metadata = attr.ib(type=Dict[str, Any]) from_directory = attr.ib(type=Sha1Git) mappings = attr.ib(type=List[str])
[docs] @attr.s class OriginExtrinsicMetadataRow(BaseRow): object_type: Final = "origin_extrinsic_metadata" id = attr.ib(type=str) """origin URL""" metadata = attr.ib(type=Dict[str, Any]) from_remd_id = attr.ib(type=Sha1Git) """id of the RawExtrinsicMetadata object used as source for indexed metadata""" mappings = attr.ib(type=List[str])