Source code for swh.loader.package.cpan.loader

# Copyright (C) 2022-2024  The Software Heritage developers
# See the AUTHORS file at the top-level directory of this distribution
# License: GNU General Public License version 3, or any later version
# See top-level LICENSE file for more information

from datetime import datetime
import logging
import string
from typing import Any, Dict, Iterator, List, Optional, Sequence, Tuple

import attr
import iso8601
from packaging.version import parse as parse_version
from requests import HTTPError

from swh.loader.core.utils import EMPTY_AUTHOR, Person, get_url_body, release_name
from swh.loader.package.loader import (
from swh.model.model import (
from import StorageInterface

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs] @attr.s class CpanPackageInfo(BasePackageInfo): EXTID_TYPE = "cpan-manifest-sha256" EXTID_VERSION = 0 MANIFEST_FORMAT = string.Template( "name $name\nversion $version\ndate $last_modified\nshasum $sha256sum" ) name = attr.ib(type=str) """Name of the package""" version = attr.ib(type=str) """Current version""" last_modified = attr.ib(type=datetime) """File last modified date as release date.""" author = attr.ib(type=Person) """Author""" sha256sum = attr.ib(type=str) """sha256 checksum of package tarball"""
[docs] class CpanLoader(PackageLoader[CpanPackageInfo]): visit_type = "cpan" EXTRINSIC_METADATA_URL_PATTERN = "{api_base_url}/release/{author}/{release_name}" def __init__( self, storage: StorageInterface, url: str, api_base_url: str, artifacts: List[Dict[str, Any]], module_metadata: List[Dict[str, Any]], **kwargs, ): super().__init__(storage=storage, url=url, **kwargs) self.url = url self.api_base_url = api_base_url self.artifacts: Dict[str, Dict] = { artifact["version"]: {k: v for k, v in artifact.items() if k != "version"} for artifact in artifacts } self.module_metadata: Dict[str, Dict] = { meta["version"]: meta for meta in module_metadata }
[docs] def get_metadata_authority(self): return MetadataAuthority( type=MetadataAuthorityType.FORGE, url="", )
[docs] def get_versions(self) -> Sequence[str]: """Get all released versions of a Perl package Returns: A sequence of versions Example:: ["0.1.1", "0.10.2"] """ versions = list(self.artifacts.keys()) versions.sort(key=parse_version) return versions
[docs] def get_default_version(self) -> str: """Get the newest release version of a Perl package Returns: A string representing a version Example:: "0.10.2" """ return self.get_versions()[-1]
[docs] def get_package_info(self, version: str) -> Iterator[Tuple[str, CpanPackageInfo]]: """Get release name and package information from version Args: version: Package version (e.g: "0.1.0") Returns: Iterator of tuple (release_name, p_info) """ artifact = self.artifacts[version] metadata = self.module_metadata[version] last_modified = iso8601.parse_date(metadata["date"]) author = ( Person.from_fullname(metadata["author"].encode()) if metadata["author"] else EMPTY_AUTHOR ) try: extrinsic_metadata_url = self.EXTRINSIC_METADATA_URL_PATTERN.format( api_base_url=self.api_base_url, author=metadata["cpan_author"], release_name=metadata["release_name"], ) version_extrinsic_metadata = get_url_body(extrinsic_metadata_url) except HTTPError: logger.warning( "Could not fetch extrinsic_metadata for module %s version %s", metadata["name"], version, ) version_extrinsic_metadata = None directory_extrinsic_metadata = [] if version_extrinsic_metadata: directory_extrinsic_metadata.append( RawExtrinsicMetadataCore( format="cpan-release-json", metadata=version_extrinsic_metadata, ) ) p_info = CpanPackageInfo( name=metadata["name"], filename=artifact["filename"], url=artifact["url"], version=version, last_modified=last_modified, author=author, checksums=artifact["checksums"], directory_extrinsic_metadata=directory_extrinsic_metadata, sha256sum=artifact["checksums"]["sha256"], ) yield release_name(version), p_info
[docs] def build_release( self, p_info: CpanPackageInfo, uncompressed_path: str, directory: Sha1Git ) -> Optional[Release]: message = ( f"Synthetic release for Perl source package {} " f"version {p_info.version}\n" ) return Release( name=p_info.version.encode(),, date=TimestampWithTimezone.from_datetime(p_info.last_modified), message=message.encode(), target_type=ObjectType.DIRECTORY, target=directory, synthetic=True, )