Source code for swh.web.badges

# Copyright (C) 2019-2024  The Software Heritage developers
# See the AUTHORS file at the top-level directory of this distribution
# License: GNU Affero General Public License version 3, or any later version
# See top-level LICENSE file for more information

from base64 import b64encode
from typing import Optional, cast

from pybadges import badge

from django.contrib.staticfiles import finders
from django.http import HttpRequest, HttpResponse
from django.middleware.cache import CacheMiddleware

from swh.model.exceptions import ValidationError
from swh.model.hashutil import hash_to_bytes, hash_to_hex
from swh.model.swhids import CoreSWHID, ObjectType, QualifiedSWHID
from swh.web.config import get_config
from swh.web.utils import archive, reverse
from swh.web.utils.exc import BadInputExc, NotFoundExc
from swh.web.utils.identifiers import parse_object_type, resolve_swhid

_orange = "#f36a24"
_blue = "#0172b2"
_red = "#cd5741"

_swh_logo_data = None

badge_config = {
    "content": {
        "color": _blue,
        "title": "Archived source file",
    "directory": {
        "color": _blue,
        "title": "Archived source tree",
    "origin": {
        "color": _orange,
        "title": "Archived software repository",
    "release": {
        "color": _blue,
        "title": "Archived software release",
    "revision": {
        "color": _blue,
        "title": "Archived commit",
    "snapshot": {
        "color": _blue,
        "title": "Archived software repository snapshot",
    "error": {"color": _red, "title": "An error occurred when generating the badge"},

[docs] def get_logo_data() -> str: """ Get data-URI for Software Heritage SVG logo to embed it in the generated badges. """ global _swh_logo_data if _swh_logo_data is None: swh_logo_path = cast(str, finders.find("img/swh-logo-white.svg")) with open(swh_logo_path, "rb") as swh_logo_file: _swh_logo_data = "data:image/svg+xml;base64,%s" % b64encode( ).decode("ascii") return _swh_logo_data
[docs] def swh_badge( request: HttpRequest, object_type: str, object_id: str, object_swhid: Optional[str] = "", ): """ Generate a Software Heritage badge for a given object type and id. Args: request: input http request object_type: The type of swh object to generate a badge for, either *content*, *directory*, *revision*, *release*, *origin* or *snapshot* object_id: The id of the swh object, either an url for origin type or a *sha1* for other object types object_swhid: If provided, the object SWHID will not be recomputed Returns: HTTP response with content type *image/svg+xml* containing the SVG badge data. If the provided parameters are invalid, HTTP 400 status code will be returned. If the object cannot be found in the archive, HTTP 404 status code will be returned. """ left_text = "error" whole_link = None # cache badge for 30 days by default cache_timeout = ( get_config().get("badges", {}).get("cache_timeout", 30 * 24 * 60 * 60) ) cachemiddleware = CacheMiddleware( cache_timeout=int(cache_timeout), get_response=lambda: HttpResponse() ) response = cachemiddleware.process_request(request) if response is not None: # return cached badge response return response setattr(request, "_cache_update_cache", False) try: if object_type == "origin": archive.lookup_origin(object_id) right_text = "repository" whole_link = reverse( "browse-origin", query_params={"origin_url": object_id} ) else: # when SWHID is provided, object type and id will be parsed # from it if object_swhid: parsed_swhid = QualifiedSWHID.from_string(object_swhid) parsed_object_type = parsed_swhid.object_type object_id = hash_to_hex(parsed_swhid.object_id) swh_object = archive.lookup_object(parsed_swhid.object_type, object_id) # remove SWHID qualified if any for badge text right_text = str( CoreSWHID( object_type=parsed_swhid.object_type, object_id=parsed_swhid.object_id, ) ) object_type = else: parsed_object_type = parse_object_type(object_type) right_text = str( CoreSWHID( object_type=parsed_object_type, object_id=hash_to_bytes(object_id), ) ) swh_object = archive.lookup_object(parsed_object_type, object_id) whole_link = resolve_swhid(str(right_text))["browse_url"] # use release name for badge text if parsed_object_type == ObjectType.RELEASE: right_text = "release %s" % swh_object["name"] left_text = "archived" # cache badge response when targeted object is found setattr(request, "_cache_update_cache", True) except (BadInputExc, ValidationError, ValueError): right_text = f'invalid {object_type if object_type else "object"} id' object_type = "error" except NotFoundExc: right_text = f'{object_type if object_type else "object"} not found' object_type = "error" badge_data = badge( left_text=left_text, right_text=right_text, right_color=badge_config[object_type]["color"], whole_link=request.build_absolute_uri(whole_link), whole_title=badge_config[object_type]["title"], logo=get_logo_data(), embed_logo=True, ) response = HttpResponse(badge_data, content_type="image/svg+xml") return cachemiddleware.process_response(request, response)
[docs] def swh_badge_swhid(request: HttpRequest, object_swhid: str) -> HttpResponse: """ Generate a Software Heritage badge for a given object SWHID. Args: request (django.http.HttpRequest): input http request object_swhid (str): a SWHID of an archived object Returns: django.http.HttpResponse: An http response with content type *image/svg+xml* containing the SVG badge data. If any error occurs, a status code of 400 will be returned. """ return swh_badge(request, "", "", object_swhid)