Source code for swh.deposit.api.edit

# Copyright (C) 2017-2020  The Software Heritage developers
# See the AUTHORS file at the top-level directory of this distribution
# License: GNU General Public License version 3, or any later version
# See top-level LICENSE file for more information

from rest_framework.request import Request

from swh.deposit.models import Deposit
from swh.model.swhids import QualifiedSWHID

from ..config import DEPOSIT_STATUS_LOAD_SUCCESS
from ..errors import BAD_REQUEST, DepositError, ParserError
from ..parsers import SWHAtomEntryParser, SWHMultiPartParser
from .common import APIDelete, APIPut, ParsedRequestHeaders

[docs]class EditAPI(APIPut, APIDelete): """Deposit request class defining api endpoints for sword deposit. What's known as 'Edit-IRI' in the sword specification. HTTP verbs supported: PUT, DELETE """ parser_classes = (SWHMultiPartParser, SWHAtomEntryParser)
[docs] def restrict_access( self, request: Request, headers: ParsedRequestHeaders, deposit: Deposit ) -> None: """Relax restriction access to allow metadata update on deposit with status "done" when a swhid is provided. """ if ( request.method == "PUT" and headers.swhid is not None and deposit.status == DEPOSIT_STATUS_LOAD_SUCCESS ): # Allow metadata update on deposit with status "done" when swhid provided return # otherwise, let the standard access restriction check occur super().restrict_access(request, headers, deposit)
[docs] def process_put( self, request, headers: ParsedRequestHeaders, collection_name: str, deposit: Deposit, ) -> None: """This allows the following scenarios: - multipart: replace all the deposit (status partial) metadata and archive with the provided ones. - atom: replace all the deposit (status partial) metadata with the provided ones. - with swhid, atom: Add new metatada to deposit (status done) with provided ones and push such metadata to the metadata storage directly. source: - - Raises: 400 if any of the following occur: - the swhid provided and the deposit swhid do not match - the provided metadata xml file is malformed - the provided xml atom entry is empty - the provided swhid does not exist in the archive """ # noqa swhid = headers.swhid if swhid is None: if request.content_type.startswith("multipart/"): self._multipart_upload( request, headers, collection_name, deposit=deposit, replace_archives=True, replace_metadata=True, ) else: # standard metadata update (replace all metadata already provided to the # deposit by the new ones) self._atom_entry( request, headers, collection_name, deposit=deposit, replace_metadata=True, ) return # Update metadata on a deposit already ingested # Write to the metadata storage (and the deposit backend) # no ingestion triggered assert deposit.status == DEPOSIT_STATUS_LOAD_SUCCESS if swhid != deposit.swhid: raise DepositError( BAD_REQUEST, f"Mismatched provided SWHID {swhid} with deposit's {deposit.swhid}.", "The provided SWHID does not match the deposit to update. " "Please ensure you send the correct deposit SWHID.", ) try: raw_metadata, metadata = self._read_metadata( except ParserError: raise DepositError( BAD_REQUEST, "Malformed xml metadata", "The xml received is malformed. " "Please ensure your metadata file is correctly formatted.", ) if not metadata: raise DepositError( BAD_REQUEST, "Empty body request is not supported", "Atom entry deposit is supposed to send for metadata. " "If the body is empty, there is no metadata.", ) _, deposit, deposit_request = self._store_metadata_deposit( deposit, QualifiedSWHID.from_string(swhid), metadata, raw_metadata, deposit.origin_url, )
[docs] def process_delete(self, req, collection_name: str, deposit: Deposit) -> None: """Delete the container (deposit). source: # noqa """ self._delete_deposit(collection_name, deposit)