Source code for swh.graph.webgraph

# Copyright (C) 2019  The Software Heritage developers
# See the AUTHORS file at the top-level directory of this distribution
# License: GNU General Public License version 3, or any later version
# See top-level LICENSE file for more information

"""WebGraph driver


from datetime import datetime
from enum import Enum
import logging
import os
from pathlib import Path
import subprocess
from typing import Dict, List, Set

from swh.graph.config import check_config_compress

[docs]class CompressionStep(Enum): MPH = 1 BV = 2 BV_OBL = 3 BFS = 4 PERMUTE = 5 PERMUTE_OBL = 6 STATS = 7 TRANSPOSE = 8 TRANSPOSE_OBL = 9 MAPS = 10 CLEAN_TMP = 11 def __str__(self): return
# full compression pipeline COMP_SEQ = list(CompressionStep) # Mapping from compression steps to shell commands implementing them. Commands # will be executed by the shell, so be careful with meta characters. They are # specified here as lists of tokens that will be joined together only for ease # of line splitting. In commands, {tokens} will be interpolated with # configuration values, see :func:`compress`. STEP_ARGV: Dict[CompressionStep, List[str]] = { CompressionStep.MPH: [ "{java}", "it.unimi.dsi.sux4j.mph.GOVMinimalPerfectHashFunction", "--byte-array", "--temp-dir", "{tmp_dir}", "{out_dir}/{graph_name}.mph", "<( zstdcat {in_dir}/{graph_name}.nodes.csv.zst )", ], # use process substitution (and hence FIFO) above as MPH class load the # entire file in memory when reading from stdin CompressionStep.BV: [ "zstdcat", "{in_dir}/{graph_name}.edges.csv.zst", "|", "cut -d' ' -f1,2", "|", "{java}", "it.unimi.dsi.big.webgraph.ScatteredArcsASCIIGraph", "--byte-array", "--temp-dir", "{tmp_dir}", "--function", "{out_dir}/{graph_name}.mph", "{out_dir}/{graph_name}-bv", ], CompressionStep.BV_OBL: [ "{java}", "it.unimi.dsi.big.webgraph.BVGraph", "--list", "{out_dir}/{graph_name}-bv", ], CompressionStep.BFS: [ "{java}", "", "{out_dir}/{graph_name}-bv", "{out_dir}/{graph_name}.order", ], CompressionStep.PERMUTE: [ "{java}", "it.unimi.dsi.big.webgraph.Transform", "mapOffline", "{out_dir}/{graph_name}-bv", "{out_dir}/{graph_name}", "{out_dir}/{graph_name}.order", "{batch_size}", "{tmp_dir}", ], CompressionStep.PERMUTE_OBL: [ "{java}", "it.unimi.dsi.big.webgraph.BVGraph", "--list", "{out_dir}/{graph_name}", ], CompressionStep.STATS: [ "{java}", "it.unimi.dsi.big.webgraph.Stats", "{out_dir}/{graph_name}", ], CompressionStep.TRANSPOSE: [ "{java}", "it.unimi.dsi.big.webgraph.Transform", "transposeOffline", "{out_dir}/{graph_name}", "{out_dir}/{graph_name}-transposed", "{batch_size}", "{tmp_dir}", ], CompressionStep.TRANSPOSE_OBL: [ "{java}", "it.unimi.dsi.big.webgraph.BVGraph", "--list", "{out_dir}/{graph_name}-transposed", ], CompressionStep.MAPS: [ "zstdcat", "{in_dir}/{graph_name}.nodes.csv.zst", "|", "{java}", "org.softwareheritage.graph.maps.NodeMapBuilder", "{out_dir}/{graph_name}", "{tmp_dir}", ], CompressionStep.CLEAN_TMP: [ "rm", "-rf", "{out_dir}/{graph_name}-bv.graph", "{out_dir}/{graph_name}-bv.obl", "{out_dir}/{graph_name}-bv.offsets", "{tmp_dir}", ], }
[docs]def do_step(step, conf): cmd = " ".join(STEP_ARGV[step]).format(**conf) cmd_env = os.environ.copy() cmd_env["JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS"] = conf["java_tool_options"] cmd_env["CLASSPATH"] = conf["classpath"]"running: {cmd}") process = subprocess.Popen( ["/bin/bash", "-c", cmd], env=cmd_env, encoding="utf8", stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT, ) with process.stdout as stdout: for line in stdout: rc = process.wait() if rc != 0: raise RuntimeError( f"compression step {step} returned non-zero " f"exit code {rc}" ) else: return rc
[docs]def compress( graph_name: str, in_dir: Path, out_dir: Path, steps: Set[CompressionStep] = set(COMP_SEQ), conf: Dict[str, str] = {}, ): """graph compression pipeline driver from nodes/edges files to compressed on-disk representation Args: graph_name: graph base name, relative to in_dir in_dir: input directory, where the uncompressed graph can be found out_dir: output directory, where the compressed graph will be stored steps: compression steps to run (default: all steps) conf: compression configuration, supporting the following keys (all are optional, so an empty configuration is fine and is the default) - batch_size: batch size for `WebGraph transformations <>`_; defaults to 1 billion - classpath: java classpath, defaults to swh-graph JAR only - java: command to run java VM, defaults to "java" - java_tool_options: value for JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS environment variable; defaults to various settings for high memory machines - logback: path to a logback.xml configuration file; if not provided a temporary one will be created and used - max_ram: maximum RAM to use for compression; defaults to available virtual memory - tmp_dir: temporary directory, defaults to the "tmp" subdir of out_dir """ if not steps: steps = set(COMP_SEQ) conf = check_config_compress(conf, graph_name, in_dir, out_dir) compression_start_time ="starting compression at {compression_start_time}") seq_no = 0 for step in COMP_SEQ: if step not in steps: logging.debug(f"skipping compression step {step}") continue seq_no += 1 step_start_time = f"starting compression step {step} " f"({seq_no}/{len(steps)}) at {step_start_time}" ) do_step(step, conf) step_end_time = step_duration = step_end_time - step_start_time f"completed compression step {step} " f"({seq_no}/{len(steps)}) " f"at {step_end_time} in {step_duration}" ) compression_end_time = compression_duration = compression_end_time - compression_start_time"completed compression in {compression_duration}")