Source code for swh.indexer.metadata_dictionary

import collections

import click

from . import cff, codemeta, maven, npm, python, ruby

    "CodemetaMapping": codemeta.CodemetaMapping,
    "MavenMapping": maven.MavenMapping,
    "NpmMapping": npm.NpmMapping,
    "PythonPkginfoMapping": python.PythonPkginfoMapping,
    "GemspecMapping": ruby.GemspecMapping,
    "CffMapping": cff.CffMapping,

[docs]def list_terms(): """Returns a dictionary with all supported CodeMeta terms as keys, and the mappings that support each of them as values.""" d = collections.defaultdict(set) for mapping in MAPPINGS.values(): for term in mapping.supported_terms(): d[term].add(mapping) return d
@click.command() @click.argument("mapping_name") @click.argument("file_name") def main(mapping_name, file_name): from pprint import pprint with open(file_name, "rb") as fd: file_content = res = MAPPINGS[mapping_name]().translate(file_content) pprint(res) if __name__ == "__main__": main()