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# Copyright (C) 2015-2020  The Software Heritage developers
# See the AUTHORS file at the top-level directory of this distribution
# License: GNU General Public License version 3, or any later version
# See top-level LICENSE file for more information

import datetime
from typing import Any, Dict, Optional
import warnings

from swh.core.utils import encode_with_unescape
from swh.model.model import (
from swh.model.swhids import CoreSWHID, ExtendedSWHID
from swh.model.swhids import ObjectType as SwhidObjectType

from ..utils import map_optional

    "fullname": None,
    "name": None,
    "email": None,

    "timestamp": None,
    "offset": 0,
    "neg_utc_offset": None,

[docs]def author_to_db(author: Optional[Person]) -> Dict[str, Any]: """Convert a swh-model author to its DB representation. Args: author: a :mod:`swh.model` compatible author Returns: dict: a dictionary with three keys: author, fullname and email """ if author is None: return DEFAULT_AUTHOR return author.to_dict()
[docs]def db_to_author( fullname: Optional[bytes], name: Optional[bytes], email: Optional[bytes] ) -> Optional[Person]: """Convert the DB representation of an author to a swh-model author. Args: fullname (bytes): the author's fullname name (bytes): the author's name email (bytes): the author's email Returns: a Person object, or None if 'fullname' is None. """ if fullname is None: return None return Person(fullname=fullname, name=name, email=email,)
[docs]def db_to_git_headers(db_git_headers): ret = [] for key, value in db_git_headers: ret.append([key.encode("utf-8"), encode_with_unescape(value)]) return ret
[docs]def db_to_date( date: Optional[datetime.datetime], offset: int, neg_utc_offset: Optional[bool] ) -> Optional[TimestampWithTimezone]: """Convert the DB representation of a date to a swh-model compatible date. Args: date: a date pulled out of the database offset: an integer number of minutes representing an UTC offset neg_utc_offset: whether an utc offset is negative Returns: a TimestampWithTimezone, or None if the date is None. """ if date is None: return None if neg_utc_offset is None: # For older versions of the database that were not migrated to schema v160 neg_utc_offset = False return TimestampWithTimezone( timestamp=Timestamp( seconds=int(date.timestamp()), microseconds=date.microsecond, ), offset=offset, negative_utc=neg_utc_offset, )
[docs]def date_to_db(ts_with_tz: Optional[TimestampWithTimezone]) -> Dict[str, Any]: """Convert a swh-model date_offset to its DB representation. Args: ts_with_tz: a TimestampWithTimezone object Returns: dict: a dictionary with three keys: - timestamp: a date in ISO format - offset: the UTC offset in minutes - neg_utc_offset: a boolean indicating whether a null offset is negative or positive. """ if ts_with_tz is None: return DEFAULT_DATE ts = ts_with_tz.timestamp timestamp = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(ts.seconds, datetime.timezone.utc) timestamp = timestamp.replace(microsecond=ts.microseconds) return { # PostgreSQL supports isoformatted timestamps "timestamp": timestamp.isoformat(), "offset": ts_with_tz.offset, "neg_utc_offset": ts_with_tz.negative_utc, }
[docs]def revision_to_db(revision: Revision) -> Dict[str, Any]: """Convert a swh-model revision to its database representation. """ author = author_to_db( date = date_to_db( committer = author_to_db(revision.committer) committer_date = date_to_db(revision.committer_date) return { "id":, "author_fullname": author["fullname"], "author_name": author["name"], "author_email": author["email"], "date": date["timestamp"], "date_offset": date["offset"], "date_neg_utc_offset": date["neg_utc_offset"], "committer_fullname": committer["fullname"], "committer_name": committer["name"], "committer_email": committer["email"], "committer_date": committer_date["timestamp"], "committer_date_offset": committer_date["offset"], "committer_date_neg_utc_offset": committer_date["neg_utc_offset"], "type": revision.type.value, "directory":, "message": revision.message, "metadata": None if revision.metadata is None else dict(revision.metadata), "synthetic": revision.synthetic, "extra_headers": revision.extra_headers, "parents": [ {"id":, "parent_id": parent, "parent_rank": i,} for i, parent in enumerate(revision.parents) ], }
[docs]def db_to_revision(db_revision: Dict[str, Any]) -> Optional[Revision]: """Convert a database representation of a revision to its swh-model representation.""" if db_revision["type"] is None: assert all( v is None for (k, v) in db_revision.items() if k not in ("id", "parents") ) return None author = db_to_author( db_revision["author_fullname"], db_revision["author_name"], db_revision["author_email"], ) date = db_to_date( db_revision["date"], db_revision["date_offset"], db_revision["date_neg_utc_offset"], ) committer = db_to_author( db_revision["committer_fullname"], db_revision["committer_name"], db_revision["committer_email"], ) committer_date = db_to_date( db_revision["committer_date"], db_revision["committer_date_offset"], db_revision["committer_date_neg_utc_offset"], ) assert author, "author is None" assert committer, "committer is None" parents = [] if "parents" in db_revision: for parent in db_revision["parents"]: if parent: parents.append(parent) metadata = db_revision["metadata"] extra_headers = db_revision["extra_headers"] if not extra_headers: if metadata and "extra_headers" in metadata: extra_headers = db_to_git_headers(metadata.pop("extra_headers")) else: # For older versions of the database that were not migrated to schema v161 extra_headers = () return Revision( id=db_revision["id"], author=author, date=date, committer=committer, committer_date=committer_date, type=RevisionType(db_revision["type"]), directory=db_revision["directory"], message=db_revision["message"], metadata=metadata, synthetic=db_revision["synthetic"], extra_headers=extra_headers, parents=tuple(parents), )
[docs]def release_to_db(release: Release) -> Dict[str, Any]: """Convert a swh-model release to its database representation. """ author = author_to_db( date = date_to_db( return { "id":, "author_fullname": author["fullname"], "author_name": author["name"], "author_email": author["email"], "date": date["timestamp"], "date_offset": date["offset"], "date_neg_utc_offset": date["neg_utc_offset"], "name":, "target":, "target_type": release.target_type.value, "comment": release.message, "synthetic": release.synthetic, }
[docs]def db_to_release(db_release: Dict[str, Any]) -> Optional[Release]: """Convert a database representation of a release to its swh-model representation. """ if db_release["target_type"] is None: assert all(v is None for (k, v) in db_release.items() if k != "id") return None author = db_to_author( db_release["author_fullname"], db_release["author_name"], db_release["author_email"], ) date = db_to_date( db_release["date"], db_release["date_offset"], db_release["date_neg_utc_offset"] ) return Release( author=author, date=date, id=db_release["id"], name=db_release["name"], message=db_release["comment"], synthetic=db_release["synthetic"], target=db_release["target"], target_type=ObjectType(db_release["target_type"]), )
[docs]def db_to_raw_extrinsic_metadata(row) -> RawExtrinsicMetadata: target = row[""] if not target.startswith("swh:1:"): warnings.warn( "Fetching raw_extrinsic_metadata row with URL target", DeprecationWarning ) target = str(Origin(url=target).swhid()) return RawExtrinsicMetadata( target=ExtendedSWHID.from_string(target), authority=MetadataAuthority( type=MetadataAuthorityType(row["metadata_authority.type"]), url=row["metadata_authority.url"], ), fetcher=MetadataFetcher( name=row[""], version=row["metadata_fetcher.version"], ), discovery_date=row["discovery_date"], format=row["format"], metadata=row["raw_extrinsic_metadata.metadata"], origin=row["origin"], visit=row["visit"], snapshot=map_optional(CoreSWHID.from_string, row["snapshot"]), release=map_optional(CoreSWHID.from_string, row["release"]), revision=map_optional(CoreSWHID.from_string, row["revision"]), path=row["path"], directory=map_optional(CoreSWHID.from_string, row["directory"]), )
[docs]def db_to_extid(row) -> ExtID: return ExtID( extid=row["extid"], extid_type=row["extid_type"], extid_version=row.get("extid_version", 0), target=CoreSWHID( object_id=row["target"], object_type=SwhidObjectType[row["target_type"].upper()], ), )