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# Copyright (C) 2020 The Software Heritage developers
# See the AUTHORS file at the top-level directory of this distribution
# License: GNU General Public License version 3, or any later version
# See top-level LICENSE file for more information

from typing import Any, Dict, Iterable

from attr import evolve

from swh.model.model import (

    from swh.journal.writer import get_journal_writer
except ImportError:
    get_journal_writer = None  # type: ignore
    # mypy limitation, see

[docs]def model_object_dict_sanitizer( object_type: str, object_dict: Dict[str, Any] ) -> Dict[str, str]: object_dict = object_dict.copy() if object_type == "content": object_dict.pop("data", None) return object_dict
[docs]class JournalWriter: """Journal writer storage collaborator. It's in charge of adding objects to the journal. """ def __init__(self, journal_writer): if journal_writer: if get_journal_writer is None: raise EnvironmentError( "You need the swh.journal package to use the " "journal_writer feature" ) self.journal = get_journal_writer( value_sanitizer=model_object_dict_sanitizer, **journal_writer ) else: self.journal = None
[docs] def write_addition(self, object_type, value) -> None: if self.journal: self.journal.write_addition(object_type, value)
[docs] def write_additions(self, object_type, values) -> None: if self.journal: self.journal.write_additions(object_type, values)
[docs] def content_add(self, contents: Iterable[Content]) -> None: """Add contents to the journal. Drop the data field if provided. """ contents = [evolve(item, data=None) for item in contents] self.write_additions("content", contents)
[docs] def content_update(self, contents: Iterable[Dict[str, Any]]) -> None: if self.journal: raise NotImplementedError("content_update is not supported by the journal.")
[docs] def content_add_metadata(self, contents: Iterable[Content]) -> None: self.content_add(contents)
[docs] def skipped_content_add(self, contents: Iterable[SkippedContent]) -> None: self.write_additions("skipped_content", contents)
[docs] def directory_add(self, directories: Iterable[Directory]) -> None: self.write_additions("directory", directories)
[docs] def revision_add(self, revisions: Iterable[Revision]) -> None: self.write_additions("revision", revisions)
[docs] def release_add(self, releases: Iterable[Release]) -> None: self.write_additions("release", releases)
[docs] def snapshot_add(self, snapshots: Iterable[Snapshot]) -> None: self.write_additions("snapshot", snapshots)
[docs] def origin_visit_add(self, visits: Iterable[OriginVisit]) -> None: self.write_additions("origin_visit", visits)
[docs] def origin_visit_status_add( self, visit_statuses: Iterable[OriginVisitStatus] ) -> None: self.write_additions("origin_visit_status", visit_statuses)
[docs] def origin_add(self, origins: Iterable[Origin]) -> None: self.write_additions("origin", origins)
[docs] def raw_extrinsic_metadata_add( self, metadata: Iterable[RawExtrinsicMetadata] ) -> None: self.write_additions("raw_extrinsic_metadata", metadata)
[docs] def metadata_fetcher_add(self, fetchers: Iterable[MetadataFetcher]) -> None: self.write_additions("metadata_fetcher", fetchers)
[docs] def metadata_authority_add(self, authorities: Iterable[MetadataAuthority]) -> None: self.write_additions("metadata_authority", authorities)
[docs] def extid_add(self, extids: Iterable[ExtID]) -> None: self.write_additions("extid", extids)