Source code for swh.vault.cookers

# Copyright (C) 2017-2021  The Software Heritage developers
# See the AUTHORS file at the top-level directory of this distribution
# License: GNU General Public License version 3, or any later version
# See top-level LICENSE file for more information

from __future__ import annotations

import os
from typing import Any, Dict, List, Type

from swh.core.config import load_named_config
from swh.core.config import read as read_config
from swh.model.swhids import CoreSWHID, ObjectType
from import get_storage
from swh.vault import get_vault
from swh.vault.cookers.base import DEFAULT_CONFIG, DEFAULT_CONFIG_PATH, BaseVaultCooker
from import DirectoryCooker
from swh.vault.cookers.git_bare import GitBareCooker
from swh.vault.cookers.revision_flat import RevisionFlatCooker
from swh.vault.cookers.revision_gitfast import RevisionGitfastCooker

_COOKER_CLS: List[Type[BaseVaultCooker]] = [
COOKER_TYPES: Dict[str, List[Type[BaseVaultCooker]]] = {}

for _cooker_cls in _COOKER_CLS:
    COOKER_TYPES.setdefault(_cooker_cls.BUNDLE_TYPE, []).append(_cooker_cls)

[docs]def get_cooker_cls(bundle_type: str, object_type: ObjectType): cookers = COOKER_TYPES.get(bundle_type) if not cookers: raise ValueError(f"{bundle_type} is not a valid bundle type.") for cooker in cookers: try: cooker.check_object_type(object_type) except ValueError: pass else: return cooker raise ValueError( f"{} objects do not have a {bundle_type} cooker" )
[docs]def check_config(cfg: Dict[str, Any]) -> Dict[str, Any]: """Ensure the configuration is ok to run a vault worker, and propagate defaults Raises: EnvironmentError if the configuration is not for remote instance ValueError if one of the following keys is missing: vault, storage Returns: New configuration dict to instantiate a vault worker instance """ cfg = cfg.copy() if "vault" not in cfg: raise ValueError("missing 'vault' configuration") vcfg = cfg["vault"] if vcfg["cls"] != "remote": raise EnvironmentError( "This vault backend can only be a 'remote' configuration" ) # TODO: Soft-deprecation of args key. Remove when ready. vcfg.update(vcfg.get("args", {})) # Default to top-level value if any if "storage" not in vcfg: vcfg["storage"] = cfg.get("storage") if not vcfg.get("storage"): raise ValueError("invalid configuration: missing 'storage' config entry.") return cfg
[docs]def get_cooker(bundle_type: str, swhid: CoreSWHID): """Instantiate a cooker class of type bundle_type. Returns: Cooker class in charge of cooking the bundle_type with id swhid. Raises: ValueError in case of a missing top-level vault key configuration or a storage key. EnvironmentError in case the vault configuration reference a non remote class. """ if "SWH_CONFIG_FILENAME" in os.environ: cfg = read_config(os.environ["SWH_CONFIG_FILENAME"], DEFAULT_CONFIG) else: cfg = load_named_config(DEFAULT_CONFIG_PATH, DEFAULT_CONFIG) cooker_cls = get_cooker_cls(bundle_type, swhid.object_type) cfg = check_config(cfg) vcfg = cfg["vault"] storage = get_storage(**vcfg.pop("storage")) backend = get_vault(**vcfg) try: from swh.graph.client import RemoteGraphClient # optional dependency graph = RemoteGraphClient(**vcfg["graph"]) if vcfg.get("graph") else None except ModuleNotFoundError: if vcfg.get("graph"): raise EnvironmentError( "Graph configuration required but module is not installed." ) else: graph = None return cooker_cls( swhid, backend=backend, storage=storage, graph=graph, max_bundle_size=cfg["max_bundle_size"], )