Source code for swh.vault.cookers.revision_gitfast

# Copyright (C) 2017-2019  The Software Heritage developers
# See the AUTHORS file at the top-level directory of this distribution
# License: GNU General Public License version 3, or any later version
# See top-level LICENSE file for more information

import functools
import os
import time
import zlib

from fastimport.commands import (

from swh.model import hashutil
from swh.model.from_disk import mode_to_perms
from swh.model.toposort import toposort
from swh.vault.cookers.base import BaseVaultCooker
from swh.vault.cookers.utils import revision_log
from swh.vault.to_disk import get_filtered_files_content

[docs]class RevisionGitfastCooker(BaseVaultCooker): """Cooker to create a git fast-import bundle """ CACHE_TYPE_KEY = "revision_gitfast"
[docs] def check_exists(self): return not list([self.obj_id]))
[docs] def prepare_bundle(self): self.log = list(toposort(revision_log(, self.obj_id))) self.gzobj = zlib.compressobj(9, zlib.DEFLATED, zlib.MAX_WBITS | 16) self.fastexport() self.write(self.gzobj.flush())
[docs] def write_cmd(self, cmd): chunk = bytes(cmd) + b"\n" super().write(self.gzobj.compress(chunk))
[docs] def fastexport(self): """Generate all the git fast-import commands from a given log. """ self.rev_by_id = {r["id"]: r for r in self.log} self.obj_done = set() self.obj_to_mark = {} self.next_available_mark = 1 last_progress_report = None for i, rev in enumerate(self.log, 1): # Update progress if needed ct = time.time() if last_progress_report is None or last_progress_report + 2 <= ct: last_progress_report = ct pg = "Computing revision {}/{}".format(i, len(self.log)) self.backend.set_progress(self.obj_type, self.obj_id, pg) # Compute the current commit self._compute_commit_command(rev)
[docs] def mark(self, obj_id): """Get the mark ID as bytes of a git object. If the object has not yet been marked, assign a new ID and add it to the mark dictionary. """ if obj_id not in self.obj_to_mark: self.obj_to_mark[obj_id] = self.next_available_mark self.next_available_mark += 1 return str(self.obj_to_mark[obj_id]).encode()
def _compute_blob_command_content(self, file_data): """Compute the blob command of a file entry if it has not been computed yet. """ obj_id = file_data["sha1"] if obj_id in self.obj_done: return contents = list(get_filtered_files_content(, [file_data])) content = contents[0]["content"] self.write_cmd(BlobCommand(mark=self.mark(obj_id), data=content)) self.obj_done.add(obj_id) def _author_tuple_format(self, author, date): # We never want to have None values here so we replace null entries # by ''. if author is not None: author_tuple = (author.get("name") or b"", author.get("email") or b"") else: author_tuple = (b"", b"") if date is not None: date_tuple = ( date.get("timestamp", {}).get("seconds") or 0, (date.get("offset") or 0) * 60, ) else: date_tuple = (0, 0) return author_tuple + date_tuple def _compute_commit_command(self, rev): """Compute a commit command from a specific revision. """ if "parents" in rev and rev["parents"]: from_ = b":" + self.mark(rev["parents"][0]) merges = [b":" + self.mark(r) for r in rev["parents"][1:]] parent = self.rev_by_id[rev["parents"][0]] else: # We issue a reset command before all the new roots so that they # are not automatically added as children of the current branch. self.write_cmd(ResetCommand(b"refs/heads/master", None)) from_ = None merges = None parent = None # Retrieve the file commands while yielding new blob commands if # needed. files = list(self._compute_file_commands(rev, parent)) # Construct and write the commit command author = self._author_tuple_format(rev["author"], rev["date"]) committer = self._author_tuple_format(rev["committer"], rev["committer_date"]) self.write_cmd( CommitCommand( ref=b"refs/heads/master", mark=self.mark(rev["id"]), author=author, committer=committer, message=rev["message"] or b"", from_=from_, merges=merges, file_iter=files, ) ) @functools.lru_cache(maxsize=4096) def _get_dir_ents(self, dir_id=None): """Get the entities of a directory as a dictionary (name -> entity). This function has a cache to avoid doing multiple requests to retrieve the same entities, as doing a directory_ls() is expensive. """ data = if dir_id is not None else [] return {f["name"]: f for f in data} def _compute_file_commands(self, rev, parent=None): """Compute all the file commands of a revision. Generate a diff of the files between the revision and its main parent to find the necessary file commands to apply. """ # Initialize the stack with the root of the tree. cur_dir = rev["directory"] parent_dir = parent["directory"] if parent else None stack = [(b"", cur_dir, parent_dir)] while stack: # Retrieve the current directory and the directory of the parent # commit in order to compute the diff of the trees. root, cur_dir_id, prev_dir_id = stack.pop() cur_dir = self._get_dir_ents(cur_dir_id) prev_dir = self._get_dir_ents(prev_dir_id) # Find subtrees to delete: # - Subtrees that are not in the new tree (file or directory # deleted). # - Subtrees that do not have the same type in the new tree # (file -> directory or directory -> file) # After this step, every node remaining in the previous directory # has the same type than the one in the current directory. for fname, f in prev_dir.items(): if fname not in cur_dir or f["type"] != cur_dir[fname]["type"]: yield FileDeleteCommand(path=os.path.join(root, fname)) # Find subtrees to modify: # - Leaves (files) will be added or modified using `filemodify` # - Other subtrees (directories) will be added to the stack and # processed in the next iteration. for fname, f in cur_dir.items(): # A file is added or modified if it was not in the tree, if its # permissions changed or if its content changed. if f["type"] == "file" and ( fname not in prev_dir or f["sha1"] != prev_dir[fname]["sha1"] or f["perms"] != prev_dir[fname]["perms"] ): # Issue a blob command for the new blobs if needed. self._compute_blob_command_content(f) yield FileModifyCommand( path=os.path.join(root, fname), mode=mode_to_perms(f["perms"]).value, dataref=(b":" + self.mark(f["sha1"])), data=None, ) # A revision is added or modified if it was not in the tree or # if its target changed elif f["type"] == "rev" and ( fname not in prev_dir or f["target"] != prev_dir[fname]["target"] ): yield FileModifyCommand( path=os.path.join(root, fname), mode=0o160000, dataref=hashutil.hash_to_hex(f["target"]).encode(), data=None, ) # A directory is added or modified if it was not in the tree or # if its target changed. elif f["type"] == "dir": f_prev_target = None if fname in prev_dir and prev_dir[fname]["type"] == "dir": f_prev_target = prev_dir[fname]["target"] if f_prev_target is None or f["target"] != f_prev_target: stack.append( (os.path.join(root, fname), f["target"], f_prev_target) )