Source code for swh.web.common.typing

# Copyright (C) 2020-2021  The Software Heritage developers
# See the AUTHORS file at the top-level directory of this distribution
# License: GNU Affero General Public License version 3, or any later version
# See top-level LICENSE file for more information

from typing import Any, Dict, List, Optional, TypeVar, Union

from typing_extensions import TypedDict

from django.http import QueryDict

from swh.core.api.classes import PagedResult as CorePagedResult
from swh.model.swhids import ObjectType

QueryParameters = Union[Dict[str, Any], QueryDict]

[docs]class OriginInfo(TypedDict): url: str """URL of the origin"""
[docs]class OriginMetadataInfo(TypedDict): url: str """URL of the origin""" metadata: Dict[str, Any] """Origin metadata associated to the origin"""
[docs]class OriginVisitInfo(TypedDict): date: str """date of the visit in iso format""" formatted_date: str """formatted date of the visit""" metadata: Dict[str, Any] """metadata associated to the visit""" origin: str """visited origin URL""" snapshot: str """snapshot identifier computed during the visit""" status: str """status of the visit ("ongoing", "full" or "partial") """ type: str """visit type (git, hg, debian, ...)""" url: str """URL to browse the snapshot""" visit: int """visit identifier"""
[docs]class SnapshotBranchInfo(TypedDict): date: Optional[str] """"author date of branch heading revision""" directory: Optional[str] """directory associated to branch heading revision""" message: Optional[str] """message of branch heading revision""" name: str """branch name""" alias: bool """define if the branch is an alias""" revision: str """branch heading revision""" url: Optional[str] """optional browse URL (content, directory, ...) scoped to branch"""
[docs]class SnapshotReleaseInfo(TypedDict): branch_name: str """branch name associated to release in snapshot""" date: str """release date""" directory: Optional[str] """optional directory associatd to the release""" id: str """release identifier""" message: str """release message""" name: str """release name""" alias: bool """define if the branch is an alias""" target: str """release target""" target_type: str """release target_type""" url: Optional[str] """optional browse URL (content, directory, ...) scoped to release"""
[docs]class SnapshotContext(TypedDict): branch: Optional[str] """optional branch name set when browsing snapshot in that scope""" branch_alias: bool """indicates if the focused branch is an alias""" branches: List[SnapshotBranchInfo] """list of snapshot branches (possibly truncated)""" branches_url: str """snapshot branches list browse URL""" is_empty: bool """indicates if the snapshot is empty""" origin_info: Optional[OriginInfo] """optional origin info associated to the snapshot""" origin_visits_url: Optional[str] """optional origin visits URL""" query_params: QueryParameters """common query parameters when browsing snapshot content""" release: Optional[str] """optional release name set when browsing snapshot in that scope""" release_alias: bool """indicates if the focused release is an alias""" release_id: Optional[str] """optional release identifier set when browsing snapshot in that scope""" releases: List[SnapshotReleaseInfo] """list of snapshot releases (possibly truncated)""" releases_url: str """snapshot releases list browse URL""" revision_id: Optional[str] """optional revision identifier set when browsing snapshot in that scope""" revision_info: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] """optional revision info set when browsing snapshot in that scope""" root_directory: Optional[str] """optional root directory identifier set when browsing snapshot content""" snapshot_id: str """snapshot identifier""" snapshot_sizes: Dict[str, int] """snapshot sizes grouped by branch target type""" snapshot_swhid: str """snapshot SWHID""" url_args: Dict[str, Any] """common URL arguments when browsing snapshot content""" visit_info: Optional[OriginVisitInfo] """optional origin visit info associated to the snapshot""" directory_url: Optional[str] """optional root directory URL associated to the snapshot"""
[docs]class SWHObjectInfo(TypedDict): object_type: ObjectType object_id: str
[docs]class SWHIDContext(TypedDict, total=False): origin: str anchor: str visit: str path: str lines: str
[docs]class SWHIDInfo(SWHObjectInfo): swhid: str swhid_url: str context: SWHIDContext swhid_with_context: Optional[str] swhid_with_context_url: Optional[str]
[docs]class SWHObjectInfoMetadata(TypedDict, total=False): origin_url: Optional[str] visit_date: Optional[str] visit_type: Optional[str]
[docs]class ContentMetadata(SWHObjectInfo, SWHObjectInfoMetadata): sha1: str sha1_git: str sha256: str blake2s256: str content_url: str mimetype: str encoding: str size: int language: str path: Optional[str] filename: Optional[str] directory: Optional[str] root_directory: Optional[str] revision: Optional[str] release: Optional[str] snapshot: Optional[str]
[docs]class DirectoryMetadata(SWHObjectInfo, SWHObjectInfoMetadata): directory: str nb_files: int nb_dirs: int sum_file_sizes: int root_directory: Optional[str] path: str revision: Optional[str] revision_found: Optional[bool] release: Optional[str] snapshot: Optional[str]
[docs]class ReleaseMetadata(SWHObjectInfo, SWHObjectInfoMetadata): release: str author: str author_url: str date: str name: str synthetic: bool target: str target_type: str snapshot: Optional[str]
[docs]class RevisionMetadata(SWHObjectInfo, SWHObjectInfoMetadata): revision: str author: str author_url: str committer: str committer_url: str date: str committer_date: str directory: str merge: bool metadata: str parents: List[str] synthetic: bool type: str snapshot: Optional[str]
TResult = TypeVar("TResult") PagedResult = CorePagedResult[TResult, str]
[docs]class SaveOriginRequestInfo(TypedDict): id: int """Unique key""" save_request_date: str """Date of the creation request""" visit_type: str """Type of the visit""" visit_status: Optional[str] """Status of the visit""" origin_url: str """Origin to ingest""" save_request_status: str """Status of the request""" loading_task_id: Optional[int] """Identifier of the loading task in the scheduler if scheduled""" visit_date: Optional[str] """End of the visit if terminated""" save_task_status: str """Status of the scheduled task""" note: Optional[str] """Optional note associated to the request, for instance rejection reason"""
[docs]class OriginExistenceCheckInfo(TypedDict): origin_url: str """Origin to check""" exists: bool """Does the url exist?""" content_length: Optional[int] """content length of the artifact""" last_modified: Optional[str] """Last modification time reported by the server (as iso8601 string)"""