Source code for swh.web.common.urlsindex

# Copyright (C) 2017-2019  The Software Heritage developers
# See the AUTHORS file at the top-level directory of this distribution
# License: GNU Affero General Public License version 3, or any later version
# See top-level LICENSE file for more information

from typing import Dict, List

from django.conf.urls import url
from django.shortcuts import redirect
import django.urls

[docs]class UrlsIndex(object): """ Simple helper class for centralizing url patterns of a Django web application. Derived classes should override the 'scope' class attribute otherwise all declared patterns will be grouped under the default one. """ _urlpatterns = {} # type: Dict[str, List[django.urls.URLPattern]] scope = "default"
[docs] @classmethod def add_url_pattern(cls, url_pattern, view, view_name=None): """ Class method that adds an url pattern to the current scope. Args: url_pattern: regex describing a Django url view: function implementing the Django view view_name: name of the view used to reverse the url """ if cls.scope not in cls._urlpatterns: cls._urlpatterns[cls.scope] = [] if view_name: cls._urlpatterns[cls.scope].append(url(url_pattern, view, name=view_name)) else: cls._urlpatterns[cls.scope].append(url(url_pattern, view))
[docs] @classmethod def add_redirect_for_checksum_args(cls, view_name, url_patterns, checksum_args): """ Class method that redirects to view with lowercase checksums when upper/mixed case checksums are passed as url arguments. Args: view_name (str): name of the view to redirect requests url_patterns (List[str]): regexps describing the view urls checksum_args (List[str]): url argument names corresponding to checksum values """ new_view_name = view_name + "-uppercase-checksum" for url_pattern in url_patterns: url_pattern_upper = url_pattern.replace("[0-9a-f]", "[0-9a-fA-F]") def view_redirect(request, *args, **kwargs): for checksum_arg in checksum_args: checksum_upper = kwargs[checksum_arg] kwargs[checksum_arg] = checksum_upper.lower() return redirect(view_name, *args, **kwargs) cls.add_url_pattern(url_pattern_upper, view_redirect, new_view_name)
[docs] @classmethod def get_url_patterns(cls): """ Class method that returns the list of url pattern associated to the current scope. Returns: The list of url patterns associated to the current scope """ return cls._urlpatterns[cls.scope]