Source code for swh.web.doc_config

# Copyright (C) 2017-2018  The Software Heritage developers
# See the AUTHORS file at the top-level directory of this distribution
# License: GNU Affero General Public License version 3, or any later version
# See top-level LICENSE file for more information

import importlib.util
import os

from sphinxcontrib import httpdomain

from sphinx.ext import autodoc

# guard to avoid ImportError when running tests through sbuild
# as there is no Debian package built for swh-docs
if importlib.util.find_spec(""):
    from import setup as orig_setup

[docs]class SimpleDocumenter(autodoc.FunctionDocumenter): """ Custom autodoc directive to display a docstring unindented and without function signature header. """ objtype = "simple" # ensure the priority is lesser than the base FunctionDocumenter # to avoid side effects with autodoc processing priority = -1 # do not indent the content content_indent = "" # do not add a header to the docstring
[docs] def add_directive_header(self, sig): pass
_swh_web_base_url = "" _swh_web_api_endpoint = "api" _swh_web_api_version = 1 _swh_web_api_url = "%s/%s/%s/" % ( _swh_web_base_url, _swh_web_api_endpoint, _swh_web_api_version, ) _swh_web_browse_endpoint = "browse" _swh_web_browse_url = "%s/%s/" % (_swh_web_base_url, _swh_web_browse_endpoint)
[docs]def setup(app): orig_setup(app) app.add_autodocumenter(SimpleDocumenter) # set an environment variable indicating we are currently # building the swh-web documentation os.environ["SWH_WEB_DOC_BUILD"] = "1"
[docs]def customize_sphinx_conf(sphinx_conf): """ Utility function used to customize the sphinx doc build for swh-web globally (when building doc from swh-docs) or locally (when building doc from swh-web). Args: sphinx_conf (module): a reference to the sphinx module used to build the doc. """ # fix for sphinxcontrib.httpdomain 1.3 if "Link" not in httpdomain.HEADER_REFS: httpdomain.HEADER_REFS["Link"] = httpdomain.IETFRef(5988, "5") sphinx_conf.extlinks["swh_web"] = (_swh_web_base_url + "/%s", None) sphinx_conf.extlinks["swh_web_api"] = (_swh_web_api_url + "%s", None) sphinx_conf.extlinks["swh_web_browse"] = (_swh_web_browse_url + "%s", None) sphinx_conf.setup = setup