Software Heritage — Notable Archive Changes

Below you can find a time-indexed list of notable events and changes to archival policies in the Software Heritage Archive. Each of them might have (had) an impact on how content is archived and explain apparent anomalies or other changes in archival behaviour over time. They are collected in this document for historical reasons.

WARNING: this document is work in progress and not considered complete yet (tracking: T2793).


  • 2020-10-06 - 2020-11-23: source code crawlers have been paused to avoid an out of disk condition, due to an unexpected delay in the arrival of new storage hardware. Push archival (both deposit and “save code now”) remained in operation. (tracking: T2656)


  • 2018-03-21: completed import of Google Code Mercurial repositories (tracking: T682)


  • 2017-10-02: completed import of Google Code Subversion repositories (tracking: T617)

  • 2017-06-06: completed import of Google Code Git repositories (tracking: T673)



  • 2015-07-28: started archiving public GitHub repositories