Software Heritage uses a few hypervisors configured in a Proxmox cluster

List of Proxmox nodes

  • beaubourg: Xeon E7-4809 server, 16 cores/512 GB RAM, bought in 2015

  • hypervisor3: EPYC 7301 server, 32 cores/256 GB RAM, bought in 2018

  • orsay: Opteron 6172, 48 cores/128 GB RAM, refurbished (2010 vintage)

Orsay is not a production machine, its purpose is to run throw-away development/staging VMs.

Per-node storage

The servers each have physically installed 2.5” SSDs (SAS or SATA), configured in mdadm RAID10 pools. A device mapper layer on top of these pools allows Proxmox to easily manage VM disk images.

Network storage

A Ceph cluster is setup as a shared storage resource. It can be used to temporarily transfer VM disk images from one hypervisor node to another, or to directly store virtual machine disk images.