Object storage

There is not one but at least 4 different object stores directly managed by the Software Heritage group:

  • Main archive

  • Rocquencourt replica archive

  • Azure archive

  • AWS archive

The Main archive

Uffizi Located in Rocquencourt

Replica archive

Banco Located in Rocquencourt, in a different building than the main one

Azure archive

The Azure archive uses an Azure Block Storage backend, implemented in the swh.objstorage_backends.azure.AzureCloudObjStorage Python class.

Internally, that class uses the block_blob_service Azure API.

AWS archive

The AWS archive is stored in the softwareheritage Amazon S3 bucket, in the US-East

(N. Virginia) region. That bucket is public.

It is being continuously populated by the content_replayer program.

Softwareheritage Python programs access it using a libcloud backend.




A Python program which reads new objects from Kafka and then copies them from the

object storages on Banco and Uffizi.

Implementation details

  • Uses swh.objstorage.backends.libcloud

  • Uses libcloud.storage.drivers.s3

Architecture diagram

graph swh_archives {
"Main archive" -- "Replica archive";
"Azure archive";
"AWS archive";
"Main archive" [shape=rectangle];
"Replica archive" [shape=rectangle];
"Azure archive" [shape=rectangle];
"AWS archive" [shape=rectangle];