Physical machines at Rocquencourt


The hypervisors mostly use local storage on the form of internal SSDS but also have access to a Ceph cluster.

NFS server

There is only one NFS server managed by Software Heritage, That machine is located at Rocquencourt and is directly attached to two SAS storage bays.

NFS-exported data is present under these local filesystem paths:



This server is used for at least two separate PostgreSQL instances:

  • softwareheritage database (port 5433)

  • swh-lister and softwareheritage-scheduler databases (port 5434)

Data is stored on local SSDs. The operating system lies on a LSI hardware RAID 1 volume and each PostgreSQL instance uses a dedicated set of drives in mdadm RAID10 volume(s).

It also uses a single NFS volume:



This machine is located in its own building in Rocquencourt, along with a SAS storage bay. It is intended to serve as a backup for the main site on building 30.

Elasticsearch cluster

The Elasticsearch cluster only uses local storage on its nodes.

Test / staging server

There is also orsay, a refurbished machine only used for testing / staging new software versions.

Ceph cluster

The Software Heritage Ceph cluster contains three nodes:

  • ceph-mon1

  • ceph-osd1

  • ceph-osd2