Persistent identifiers

GET /api/1/resolve/(swh_id)/

Resolve a Software Heritage persistent identifier.

Try to resolve a provided persistent identifier into an url for browsing the pointed archive object. If the provided identifier is valid, the existence of the object in the archive will also be checked.

  • swh_id (string) – a Software Heritage presistent identifier
Response JSON Object:
  • browse_url (string) – the url for browsing the pointed object
  • metadata (object) – object holding optional parts of the persistent identifier
  • namespace (string) – the persistent identifier namespace
  • object_id (string) – the hash identifier of the pointed object
  • object_type (string) – the type of the pointed object
  • scheme_version (number) – the scheme version of the persistent identifier
Request Headers:
  • Accept – the requested response content type, either application/json (default) or application/yaml
Response Headers:

Allowed HTTP Methods: GET, HEAD, OPTIONS

Status Codes: