GET /api/1/release/(sha1_git)/

Get information about a release in the archive. Releases are identified by sha1 checksums, compatible with Git tag identifiers. See swh.model.identifiers.release_identifier() in our data model module for details about how they are computed.

  • sha1_git (string) – hexadecimal representation of the release sha1_git identifier
Request Headers:
  • Accept – the requested response content type, either application/json (default) or application/yaml
Response Headers:
Response JSON Object:
  • author (object) – information about the author of the release
  • date (string) – ISO representation of the release date (in UTC)
  • id (string) – the release unique identifier
  • message (string) – the message associated to the release
  • name (string) – the name of the release
  • target (string) – the target identifier of the release
  • target_type (string) – the type of the target, can be either release, revision, content, directory
  • target_url (string) – a link to the adequate api url based on the target type

Allowed HTTP Methods: GET, HEAD, OPTIONS

Status Codes: