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# Copyright (C) 2022  The Software Heritage developers
# See the AUTHORS file at the top-level directory of this distribution
# License: GNU Affero General Public License version 3, or any later version
# See top-level LICENSE file for more information

import psycopg2
import psycopg2.extensions
from psycopg2.extras import execute_values

from import BaseCommand
from django.db import transaction
from django.db.models import F
from django.db.models.query import QuerySet
from django.utils import timezone

from swh.web.mailmap.models import UserMailmap

UPDATE person
   SET displayname = NULL
   FROM (VALUES %s) AS emails (email)
   WHERE =

UPDATE person
   SET displayname = displaynames.displayname
   FROM (VALUES %s) AS displaynames (email, displayname)
   WHERE =
     AND person.displayname IS DISTINCT FROM displaynames.displayname

[docs] class Command(BaseCommand): help = "Synchronize the mailmaps with"
[docs] def add_arguments(self, parser): parser.add_argument("storage_dbconn", type=str) parser.add_argument( "--perform", action="store_true", help="Perform actions (instead of the default dry-run)", )
[docs] def disable_mailmaps( self, storage_db: psycopg2.extensions.connection, mailmaps: "QuerySet[UserMailmap]", ): """Return the SQL to disable a set of mailmaps""" execute_values( storage_db.cursor(), DISABLE_MAILMAPS_QUERY, ((mailmap.from_email.encode("utf-8"),) for mailmap in mailmaps), )
[docs] def refresh_mailmaps( self, storage_db: psycopg2.extensions.connection, mailmaps: "QuerySet[UserMailmap]", ): execute_values( storage_db.cursor(), REFRESH_MAILMAPS_QUERY, ( ( mailmap.from_email.encode("utf-8"), mailmap.full_display_name.encode("utf-8"), ) for mailmap in mailmaps ), )
[docs] def handle(self, *args, **options): verified_mailmaps = UserMailmap.objects.filter(from_email_verified=True) # Always refresh display names for person entries with known emails to_refresh = verified_mailmaps.filter(display_name_activated=True) # Only remove display_names if they've been deactivated since they've last been # processed to_disable = verified_mailmaps.filter( display_name_activated=False, mailmap_last_processing_date__lt=F("last_update_date"), ) process_start = with transaction.atomic(): self.stdout.write( "%d mailmaps to disable, %d mailmaps to refresh%s" % ( to_disable.count(), to_refresh.count(), (" (dry run)" if not options["perform"] else ""), ) ) with psycopg2.connect(options["storage_dbconn"]) as db: self.disable_mailmaps(db, to_disable.select_for_update()) self.refresh_mailmaps(db, to_refresh.select_for_update()) if not options["perform"]: db.rollback() else: db.commit() if options["perform"]: updated = to_disable.update( mailmap_last_processing_date=process_start ) + to_refresh.update(mailmap_last_processing_date=process_start) else: updated = to_disable.count() + to_refresh.count() self.stdout.write("Synced {updated} mailmaps to database") )