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Bitbucket is currently archived by Software Heritage:

Bitbucket is a Git hosting platform, which used to support Mercurial.

Software Heritage’s Bitbucket lister queries the API endpoint anonymously.

It provides a updated_on field for each repository, matching the last time the repository (TODO: or project? does it cover stuff like PRs and issues?) was updated; which is passed as last_update to the scheduler.

Software Heritage does not have a specific loader for Bitbucket; the Git loader is used instead. Therefore, origin URLs are Bitbucket’s canonical URL for the corresponding Git repository:

Bitbucket does not support Mercurial anymore; but Mercurial repositories used to be loaded with the Mercurial loader and are available in the archive. Additionally, Software Heritage provides a dump of raw Mercurial repositories.

Bitbucket provides extrinsic metadata on repositories (owner, description, created_on, size, language, fork policy, parent repository, …) which are currently not archived. Consequently, fork detection isn’t used to speedup archival of git repositories yet.