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GitLab is currently archived by Software Heritage:

Also supports Heptapod <>`_* `See coverage * Lister Source Code * Lister Developer documentation

Gitlab is a Git hosting platform. Its fork Heptapod also supports Mercurial.

Software Heritage’s Gitlab lister queries the project API (eg. api/v4/projects for anonymously.

It provides a last_activity_at field for each repository, matching the last time the repository (TODO: or project? does it cover stuff like PRs and issues?) was updated; which is passed as last_update to the scheduler.

Software Heritage does not have a specific loader for Gitlab/Heptapod; the Git and Mercurial loaders are used instead. Therefore, origin URLs are Gitlab/Heptapod’s canonical URLs for the corresponding Git or Mercurial repository: https://domain/owner/name.git` and https://domain/owner/name respectively.

New Gitlab/Heptapod instances can be submitted to Software Heritage through the Add Forge Now interface.

Software Heritage currently does not archive extrinsic metadata from Gitlab or Heptapod due to a limitation of the Gitlab API.