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CGit is currently archived by Software Heritage:

CGit is a lightweight front-end for Git.

Software Heritage’s archives CGit instances by scrapping their HTML, starting from the index page, then looking for Git URLs in each project’s page, embedded as <link rel='vcs-git' HTML tags. Only the first HTTP(S) URL is kept; or the first URL at all, if there is no HTTP(S) URL.

The CGit lister then dispatches these URLs to the Git loader. CGit project may have their repository hosted on arbitrary other domains (even GitHub); which is supported by Software Heritage.

The “summary” page of CGit projects display the last update of each of their branch; the lister uses this information to pass a last_update date to the scheduler.

New CGit instances can be submitted to Software Heritage through the Add Forge Now interface.

Project description, owner information, and mapping between CGit projects and repositories on third-party domains are currently not archived.