Reference: Setup sysadm repositories#

Intended audience

new sysadm member

This page describes the steps to clone locally all sysadm repositories.

Multiple umbrella repositories setup#

We use multiple umbrella repositories to manage specific repositories for dedicated perimeters:

  • sysadm-environment: Deployment related and credentials repositories (k8s-cluster-conf, …)

  • puppet-environment : Various swh puppet and third-party repositories (swh-site, …)

  • ci-environment: CI (Jenkins) related repositories (jobs, dockerfile, …)

Clone umbrella repositories#

Clone each of those repositories. They each contain a .mrconfig file and a README file.

$ git clone
$ git clone
$ git clone

Then, use the mr (myrepos) command that uses the .mrconfig file to clone the repositories managed by myrepos:

$ for repository in sysadm-environment puppet-environment ci-environment; \
    pushd $repository ; \
    readlink -f .mrconfig >> ~/.mrtrust ; \
    mr up ; \
    popd ; \

(the mr command is in the myrepos Debian package).