Reference: Outboarding checklist#

Intended audience

sysadm members

This page describes outboarding process for staff people, i.e., what to do when they leave the project.


At the entrance desk, give back:

  • Inria access badge and office keys

  • cantine card

Technical setup#

  • lock *nix account on project machines

    • Edit puppet data for the user

      • Change password hash to ‘!’ in the swh-private-data repository

      • Change shell to /bin/false

    • let puppet push itself :)

  • phabricator: remove user from groups Developers, Members, Interns (if applicable)

  • revoke VPN certificate

  • remove “staff” role (and others) from production and staging user accounts on Keycloak


  • review open and assigned tasks in Phabricator and unassign them as needed.


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