Reference: Onboarding checklist#

Intended audience

staff members

This page describes the onboarding process for new staff member on the project.


  • give out Software Heritage t-shirt and stickers!


Technical setup#

  • Create *nix account and email alias on project machines (swh-site puppet repo)

    • Set *nix password for the account (swh-private-data puppet repository)

  • Set up email forwarding on gandi

  • Configure printer:

    • if the machine was configured through puppet: add printer alias per *nix account mapping *nix account to the inria’s ldap account if different

    • Otherwise, check the SIC documentation. If the page looks empty/broken, make sure you select “Space language: French” (the English translation is missing)

  • Create Phabricator account

    • add user to phabricator projects: Developers, Staff, Reviewers, Interns (if applicable)

  • Create Gitlab account

    • add user to the Staff group

    • TODO: Define further group memberships for new users

  • VPN access

  • HTTP auth credentials for the intranet wiki

  • Create account on the intranet wiki and ask someone to give you the shared auth credentials

  • Create account on the public wiki

  • add “staff” role from production and staging user accounts on Keycloak

Extra steps for sysadm:

  • Add GPG key to password manager

  • Add GPG key to allow debian package upload (pergamon:/srv/softwareheritage/repository/conf/uploaders)


  • Subscribe to mailing lists: swh-devel, swh-team

  • Invite to IRC channels

  • Give staff role on IRC (/msg ChanServ FLAGS #swh-team <username> Staff, which applies on all channels)

  • Create user page on the intranet (see example) with personal contact information

  • Subscribe to team calendar


See also#

  • Outboarding (i.e., what to do when a staff member leave)