swh.deposit.api.checks module#

Functional Metadata checks:

Mandatory fields: - ‘author’ - ‘name’ or ‘title’

Suggested fields: - metadata-provenance

swh.deposit.api.checks.extra_validator(element: Element, xsd_element: Xsd11Element) Iterator[XMLSchemaValidationError] | None[source]#

Performs extra checks on Atom elements that cannot be implemented purely within XML Schema.

For now, this only checks URIs are absolute.

swh.deposit.api.checks.absolute_uri_validator(element: Element, xsd_element: Xsd11Element) Iterator[XMLSchemaValidationError][source]#
class swh.deposit.api.checks.Schemas(swh: xmlschema.validators.schemas.XMLSchema11, codemeta: xmlschema.validators.schemas.XMLSchema11)[source]#

Bases: object

swh: XMLSchema11#
codemeta: XMLSchema11#
swh.deposit.api.checks.schemas() Schemas[source]#
swh.deposit.api.checks.check_metadata(metadata: Element) Tuple[bool, Dict | None][source]#

Check metadata for mandatory field presence and date format.


metadata – Metadata dictionary to check


  • (True, None) if metadata are ok and suggested fields are also present

  • (True, <detailed-error>) if metadata are ok but some suggestions are missing

  • (False, <detailed-error>) otherwise.

Return type:

tuple (status, error_detail)

swh.deposit.api.checks.check_url_match_provider(url: str, provider_url: str) None[source]#

Check url matches the provider url.

Raises DepositError in case of mismatch