swh.lister.gitea.lister module#

class swh.lister.gitea.lister.GiteaLister(scheduler: SchedulerInterface, url: str | None = None, instance: str | None = None, api_token: str | None = None, page_size: int = 50, credentials: Dict[str, Dict[str, List[Dict[str, str]]]] | None = None, max_origins_per_page: int | None = None, max_pages: int | None = None, enable_origins: bool = True)[source]#

Bases: GogsLister

List origins from Gitea.

Gitea API documentation: https://try.gitea.io/api/swagger

The API does pagination and provides navigation URLs through the ‘Link’ header. The default value for page size is the maximum value observed on the instances accessible at https://try.gitea.io/api/v1/ and https://codeberg.org/api/v1/.

LISTER_NAME: str = 'gitea'#