swh.scrubber.journal_checker module#

Reads all objects in a swh-storage instance and recomputes their checksums.

swh.scrubber.journal_checker.get_datastore(journal_cfg) Datastore[source]#
class swh.scrubber.journal_checker.JournalChecker(db: ScrubberDb, config_id: int, journal: Dict[str, Any])[source]#

Bases: object

Reads a chunk of a swh-storage database, recomputes checksums, and reports errors in a separate database.

property config: ConfigEntry#
property datastore: Datastore#

Returns a Datastore instance representing the journal instance being checked.


Runs a journal client with the given configuration. This method does not return, unless otherwise configured (with stop_on_eof).

process_kafka_messages(all_messages: Dict[str, List[bytes]])[source]#