swh.vault.cookers package#


Module contents:

swh.vault.cookers.get_cooker_cls(bundle_type: str, object_type: ObjectType)[source]#
swh.vault.cookers.check_config(cfg: Dict[str, Any]) Dict[str, Any][source]#

Ensure the configuration is ok to run a vault worker, and propagate defaults

  • EnvironmentError if the configuration is not for remote instance

  • ValueError if one of the following keys is missing – vault, storage


New configuration dict to instantiate a vault worker instance

swh.vault.cookers.get_cooker(bundle_type: str, swhid: CoreSWHID)[source]#

Instantiate a cooker class of type bundle_type.


Cooker class in charge of cooking the bundle_type with id swhid.

  • ValueError in case of a missing top-level vault key configuration or a storage – key.

  • EnvironmentError in case the vault configuration reference a non remote class.