swh.core.cli package#


Module contents:

class swh.core.cli.AliasedGroup(name=None, commands=None, **attrs)[source]#

Bases: Group

A simple Group that supports command aliases, as well as notes related to options

get_command(ctx, cmd_name)[source]#

Given a context and a command name, this returns a Command object if it exists or returns None.

add_alias(name, alias)[source]#
format_options(ctx, formatter)[source]#

Writes all the options into the formatter if they exist.

swh.core.cli.clean_exit_on_signal(signal, frame)[source]#

Raise a SystemExit exception to let command-line clients wind themselves down on exit

swh.core.cli.validate_loglevel_params(ctx, param, values)[source]#

Validate the –log-level parameters, with multiple values.