swh.model.collections module

class swh.model.collections.ImmutableDict(data: Union[Iterable[Tuple[KT, VT]], swh.model.collections.ImmutableDict[KT, VT], Dict[KT, VT]] = {})[source]

Bases: collections.abc.Mapping, Generic[swh.model.collections.KT, swh.model.collections.VT]

data: Tuple[Tuple[KT, VT], ]
items() → a set-like object providing a view on D’s items[source]
copy_pop(popped_key) → Tuple[Optional[VT], swh.model.collections.ImmutableDict[KT, VT]][source]

Returns a copy of this ImmutableDict without the given key, as well as the value associated to the key.