The Software Heritage Mercurial Loader is a tool and a library to walk a local mercurial repository and inject into the SWH dataset all contained files that weren’t known before.

The main entry points are:

  • swh.loader.mercurial.loader.HgLoader which reads and loads a local repository into an SWH archive.

  • swh.loader.mercurial.loader.HgArchiveLoader which reads and loads a local repository wrapped within a tarball

  • swh.loader.mercurial.directory.HgCheckoutLoader which ingests the hg tree at a specific changeset or tag.

CLI run#

Configuration file#


  cls: remote
    url: http://localhost:5002/

Basic use#

swh loader --C /tmp/mercurial.yml run mercurial https://www.mercurial-scm.org/repo/hello

Reference Documentation#