Software Heritage - Search service#

Search service for the Software Heritage archive.

It is similar to swh-storage in what it contains, but provides different ways to query it: while swh-storage is mostly a key-value store that returns an object from a primary key, swh-search is focused on reverse indices, to allow finding objects that match some criteria; for example full-text search.

Currently uses ElasticSearch, and provides only origin search (by URL and metadata).


  • Python tests for this module include tests that cannot be run without a local ElasticSearch instance, so you need the ElasticSearch server executable on your machine (no need to have a running ElasticSearch server).

    • Debian-like host

      The elasticsearch package is required. As it’s not part of debian-stable, another debian repository is required to be configured

    • Non Debian-like host

      The tests expect:

      • /usr/share/elasticsearch/jdk/bin/java to exist.

      • org.elasticsearch.bootstrap.Elasticsearch to be in java’s classpath.

  • Emscripten is required for generating tree-sitter WASM module. The following commands need to be executed for the setup:

    cd /opt && git clone && cd emsdk && \
    ./emsdk install latest && ./emsdk activate latest

    Note: If emsdk isn’t found in the PATH, the tree-sitter cli automatically pulls emscripten/emsdk image from docker hub when make ts-build-wasm or make ts-build is used.

Make targets#

Below is the list of available make targets that can be executed from the root directory of swh-search in order to build and/or execute the swh-search under various configurations:

  • ts-install: Install node_modules and emscripten SDK required for TreeSitter

  • ts-generate: Generate parser files(C and JSON) from the grammar

  • ts-repl: Starts a web based playground for the TreeSitter grammar. It’s the recommended way for developing TreeSitter grammar.

  • ts-dev: Parse the query_language/sample_query and print the corresponding syntax expression along with the start and end positions of all the nodes.

  • ts-dev sanitize=1: Same as ts-dev but without start and end position of the nodes. This format is expected by TreeSitter’s native test command. sanitize=1 cleans the output of ts-dev using sed to achieve the desired format.

  • ts-test: executes TreeSitter’s native tests

  • ts-build-so: Generates file from the previously generated parser using py-tree-sitter

  • ts-build-so: Generates swh_ql.wasm file from the previously generated parser using emscripten

  • ts-build: Executes both ts-build-so and ts-build-so

It is kept in sync with the main SWH storage via the SWH journal.

Reference Documentation#