Software Heritage - Loader foundations#

The Software Heritage Loader Core is a low-level loading utilities and helpers used by loaders.

The main entry points are classes: - swh.loader.core.loader.BaseLoader for VCS loaders (e.g. svn) - swh.loader.core.loader.DVCSLoader for DVCS loaders (e.g. git, …) - swh.loader.core.loader.ContentLoader for Content loader - swh.loader.core.loader.DirectoryLoader for Directory loader - swh.loader.package.loader.PackageLoader for Package loaders (e.g. PyPI, Npm, …) - …

Package loaders#

This package also implements many package loaders directly, out of convenience, as they usually are quite similar and each fits in a single file.

They all roughly follow these steps, explained in the swh.loader.package.loader.PackageLoader.load() documentation. See the Package Loader Tutorial for details.

VCS loaders#

Unlike package loaders, VCS loaders remain in separate packages, as they often need more advanced conversions and very VCS-specific operations.

This usually involves getting the branches of a repository and recursively loading revisions in the history (and directory trees in these revisions), until a known revision is found

Reference Documentation#