Retrieve status

GET /1/(str:collection-name)/(int:deposit-id)/status/

Returns deposit’s status.

The different statuses:

  • partial: multipart deposit is still ongoing

  • deposited: deposit completed, ready for checks

  • rejected: deposit failed the checks

  • verified: content and metadata verified, ready for loading

  • loading: loading in-progress

  • done: loading completed successfully

  • failed: the deposit loading has failed

Also known as STATE-IRI

Example query:

GET /1/hal/1/status/ HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic xxxxxxxxxxxx=

Example successful deposit response:

<entry xmlns=""
    <swhdeposit:deposit_status_detail>The deposit has been successfully loaded into the Software Heritage archive</swhdeposit:deposit_status_detail>

Example rejeced deposit response:

<entry xmlns=""
    <swhdeposit:deposit_status_detail>- At least one url field must be compatible with the client&#39;s domain name (codemeta:url)</swhdeposit:deposit_status_detail>

Note: older versions of the deposit used the namespace instead of Tags in the Atom namespace are still provided for backward compatibility, but are deprecated.

Request Headers
Status Codes

Rejected deposit

It so happens that deposit could be rejected. In that case, the deposit_status_detail entry will explain failed checks.

Many reasons are possibles, here are some:

  • Deposit without software archive (main goal of the deposit is to deposit software source code)

  • Deposit with malformed software archive (i.e archive within archive)

  • Deposit with invalid software archive (corrupted archive, although, this one should happen during upload and not during checks)

  • Deposit with unsupported archive format

  • Deposit with missing metadata