swh.web.utils.urlsindex module#

class swh.web.utils.urlsindex.UrlsIndex[source]#

Bases: object

Simple helper class for centralizing URL patterns of a Django web application.

add_url_pattern(url_pattern: str, view: Callable[[...], HttpResponseBase], view_name: str = '') None[source]#

Adds an URL pattern.

  • url_pattern – regex describing a Django URL

  • view – function implementing the Django view

  • view_name – name of the view used to reverse the URL

add_redirect_for_checksum_args(view_name: str, url_patterns: List[str], checksum_args: List[str]) None[source]#

Adds redirection to view with lowercase checksums when upper/mixed case checksums are passed as url arguments.

  • view_name – name of the view to redirect requests

  • url_patterns – regexps describing the view URLs

  • checksum_args – url argument names corresponding to checksum values

get_url_patterns() List[URLPattern][source]#

Returns the list of registered URL patterns.