swh.lister.gnu.lister module#

class swh.lister.gnu.lister.GNULister(scheduler: SchedulerInterface, url: str = 'https://ftp.gnu.org', instance: str = 'GNU', credentials: Dict[str, Dict[str, List[Dict[str, str]]]] | None = None, max_origins_per_page: int | None = None, max_pages: int | None = None, enable_origins: bool = True)[source]#

Bases: StatelessLister[Mapping[str, Any]]

List all GNU projects and associated artifacts.

GNU_FTP_URL = 'https://ftp.gnu.org'#
get_pages() Iterator[Mapping[str, Any]][source]#

Yield a single page listing all GNU projects.

get_origins_from_page(page: Mapping[str, Any]) Iterator[ListedOrigin][source]#

Iterate on all GNU projects and yield ListedOrigin instances.