swh.deposit.api.private.deposit_check module

class swh.deposit.api.private.deposit_check.APIChecks[source]

Bases: swh.deposit.api.private.APIPrivateView, swh.deposit.api.common.APIGet, swh.deposit.api.private.DepositReadMixin

Dedicated class to read a deposit’s raw archives content.

Only GET is supported.

Constructor. Called in the URLconf; can contain helpful extra keyword arguments, and other things.

process_get(req: rest_framework.request.Request, collection_name: str, deposit: swh.deposit.models.Deposit) Tuple[int, Dict, str][source]
Build a unique tarball from the multiple received and stream that

content to the client.

  • req – Client request

  • collection_name – Collection owning the deposit

  • deposit – Deposit concerned by the reading


Tuple status, stream of content, content-type