swh.deposit.api.private.deposit_list module

class swh.deposit.api.private.deposit_list.APIList[source]

Bases: rest_framework.generics.ListAPIView, swh.deposit.api.private.APIPrivateView

Deposit request class to list the deposit’s status per page.

HTTP verbs supported: GET

Constructor. Called in the URLconf; can contain helpful extra keyword arguments, and other things.


alias of swh.deposit.api.utils.DepositSerializer


alias of swh.deposit.api.utils.DefaultPagination


Get the list of items for this view. This must be an iterable, and may be a queryset. Defaults to using self.queryset.

This method should always be used rather than accessing self.queryset directly, as self.queryset gets evaluated only once, and those results are cached for all subsequent requests.

You may want to override this if you need to provide different querysets depending on the incoming request.

(Eg. return a list of items that is specific to the user)