swh.web.api.views.stat module#

swh.web.api.views.stat.api_stats(request: Request)[source]#
GET /api/1/stat/counters/#

Get statistics about the content of the archive.

Response JSON Object:
  • content (number) – current number of content objects (aka files) in the archive

  • directory (number) – current number of directory objects in the archive

  • origin (number) – current number of software origins (an origin is a “place” where code source can be found, e.g. a git repository, a tarball, …) in the archive

  • origin_visit (number) – current number of visits on software origins to fill the archive

  • person (number) – current number of persons (code source authors or committers) in the archive

  • release (number) – current number of releases objects in the archive

  • revision (number) – current number of revision objects (aka commits) in the archive

  • skipped_content (number) – current number of content objects (aka files) which where not inserted in the archive

  • snapshot (number) – current number of snapshot objects (aka set of named branches) in the archive

Request Headers:
  • Accept – the requested response content type, either application/json (default) or application/yaml

Response Headers:
Status Codes: