swh.web.save_code_now.management.commands.dump_savecodenow_data module#

class swh.web.save_code_now.management.commands.dump_savecodenow_data.Command(stdout=None, stderr=None, no_color=False, force_color=False)[source]#

Bases: BaseCommand

help = 'Dump Save Code Now requests data to CSV'#

Entry point for subclassed commands to add custom arguments.

handle(*args, **options)[source]#

Dump Save Code Now requests data to CSV.

Dump to stdout or to file the following CSV data about Save Code Now requests:

  • date of request

  • requested visit type

  • URL of origin to save

  • status of the request

  • status of visit by SWH

  • whether the request was triggered by a webhook

  • user id (anonymized) that created the request